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CVSCD-8500 3" Touchscreen Cell Phone

Posted By faraaz On 1:16 PM

Do you have a big? T catch? L? T? L? Cell phone? Well, an int? Ing t? L? T? L? Cell phone was r? R? Recently? ChinaVasion site and guess what, it has 3-inch touchscreen LCD. This is for real, and it? Also many other sports tr? S t? Teristic characters res, for example:   ? dual SIM card cr? both panels   ? Bluetooth   ? DVB-TV and   ? Appareil dig? Am? America, which supports an optical zoom   ? T? T? The telephone is? Galement book? with:   ? Carte m? M? Memory of 512 MB   ? battery additional commentary and commentary? Couteur

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