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how to unlock ur nokia phones

Posted By faraaz On 1:31 PM

The op? Ing t? L? Mobile voice in the diff? Try locking t? L? T? L? Voice their r? Pail and cr? Er a? Standard problem? Me? Me for users to get their d? Lock? ? use on other r? buckets or other countries. With this software, users can not only r? Paration of t? L? T? L? Phones, but? Also the removal of restrictions SIM (r? Bucket locking and blocking the country) on Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Maxon, NEC, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Vitel, AEG, Alcatel and t? l? t? l? phones. You must have your num? Ro IMEI on hand (obtained by pressing * # 06 # on the keyboard). The user will also need to know what the op? Rateur t? L? T? L? Phone is locked? on the front of proc? der.   ? To d? Lock your t? L? T? L? Mobile phone, you \ 'll need the following information:   ? You dig? Ro t? L? T? L? Mobile phone   ? The r? Network (and country)? with t? l? t? l? phone is locked?   ? The manufacturer and the num? Ro mod? The   ? T? L? T? L? Phone de l \ 'dig? Ro IMEI. This is a dig? Ro de s? S? Series of 15 digits, found? by typing * # 06 # on your t? L? T? The telephone? from the keyboard.

August 19, 2009 at 5:34 AM

It's nice way to unlock mobile using the calculator.My friend using the Nokia 6500 mobile locked to vodafone.She got the unlocking code from unlock-free.ocm.

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