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Apple Announced New Ipod Touch, IPhone Similar Gadget

Posted By faraaz On 2:21 AM Under

ipod touch

I think I must have refreshed engadget like hundred times because these guys are there live at the Apple’s “The Beat Goes On” conference. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Steve to introduce the anticipating newiPod Touch and he did, about 2 hours after introducing some new iPod Nanos, iPod Videos, etc.

ipod touch

IPod Touch

By the look of it, it’s like iPhone, just slimmer. It’s basically an inheritance of iPhone except the phone/text function. It’s got all the touch flipping, images viewing we’ve seen in iPhone. Here’s more inside iPod Touch:

  • Multi-touch user screen
  • WiFi supported
  • Safari Browser
  • Google and Yahoo Search
  • Direct songs download
  • Youtube
  • Calendar
  • Clock

ipod touch
ipod touch

iPod Touch comes in 2 different prices, 8GB/$299 and 16GB/$399. Battery life last like 22 hours on music or 5 hours on videos. And unlike iPhone, it is shipping worldwide. Both will be shipping this month. If you are still waiting for the arrival of iPhone, this new iPod might just quench your thirst.

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