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Escape Pod v1.04

Posted By faraaz On 8:30 AM Under

Escape Pod is designed to get you out of those awkward situations when you’re on the phone and really want to leave but don’t feel any excuse you make up will sound authentic! Or if you perhaps just want to plain out lie about where you are, Escape Pod can help with that too! In fact, with the ability to play or record any sound there’s not much Escape Pod can’t help you escape from!
I think it’s safe to say most, if not all of us, has been in similar situations to these:
- Your girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/friend has been talking for 15 minutes straight and is showing no sign of stopping.

Escape Pod’s Solution: Simply select a sound such as ‘Doorbell Ringing’ and tell them you have to answer it!
- You’re on a dull conference call at work and you want to leave.
Escape Pod’s Solution: Select the ‘Smoke Alarm’ noise and pretend there’s a fire drill.
- You’ve gone to the pub rather than getting the train home.
Escape Pod’s Solution: Nip to the bathroom, phone your spouse, play the traffic jam or train noise, and tell them you’re stuck in traffic but will be home as soon as you can!
- You’ve received a phone call from someone trying to sell you double glazing.
Escape Pod’s Solution: Have a bit of fun with them by playing the UFO Attack sound and giggle as they hang up and phone CNN to report the imminent enslavement of mankind.
Escape Pod also allows you to record your own sounds. We suggest
- Your wife moaning that you take the garbage outside. Allows you to say “I have to go, the wife’s kicking off again!” with a greater degree of confidence that they’ll believe you.
- Your husband complaining that his dinner is not yet ready. Allows you to say “I have to go, he thinks he’s starving to death!” with more authenticity.
- Getting a male/female friend to record a seductive ‘Come back to bed’ clip and playing it to your partner! Perfect for speeding up that messy breakup.
Includes 30 sounds such as: London Tube, Baby Crying, Smoke Alarm, Background Static (”YOU’RE BREAKING UP!”) and many more!
*** Important:If you’re having problems using Escape Pod please remember to view the User Guide by tapping the ‘i’ button.

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