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How To Download YouTubes Video Directly To IPhone / IPod Touch

Posted By faraaz On 2:09 AM Under


Watching YouTube videos on iPhone/iPod Touch is great, but able to download them and watch later (or just to keep a collection) is even better. Thanks to the community of Installer, you can now easily downloadYouTube videos onto you iPhone/iPod Touch and play them as though they are videos sync’ed from iTunes.

Installing MXTube

MXTube is a Installer app (only available after your iPhone/iPod Touch is jailbreaked). It allows you todownload YouTube video for offline viewing. To install MXTube, search under Multimedia -> MXTube. Install and refresh your iPhone.

Download Movies With MXTube

Step 1

Search for YouTube videos inside MXTube application, like how you always do with the YouTube app.

Step 2

Click on the video you want to download, select the quality.

Step 3

Your download will start right immediately. There’s a cancel button just in case you changed your mind.

Step 4

Look for your download videos inside MxTube app, under Videos tab.

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