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mobile internet

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USB Modems Make the Internet Mobile

Over the last decade the biggest transformation in the world, has to be the Internet. From the moment that the World Wide Web first started, everyone was prepared for it to take the world by storm. But now two decades on, we take a look at the ever growing high speed connections to access the internet.

When the internet first started, well from when I can remember, I used to constantly use the dial up internet connection. I must say that thinking back I don't know how I ever did anything online, it was just so slow, it used to take ages to connect and then hours to download a file. I am so glad that era is over, as now we have the choice of broadband or the new USB mobile modems.

Well what can I say? Broadband was just one of them innovations waiting to happen. The internet is now faster to access and it has made the life of developers and internet marketers so much easier than ever before.

Lately a new innovation has come to light and that is the progression of mobile USB internet, it is both user friendly and very easy to carry. It has eliminated the use of hotspots, or Wifi access and can give you very high speeds of internet connection on the move. These new USB modems are only really compatible on newer systems. So you should make sure that you have at least windows 2000 installed, or are running the latest version of the Mac OSX.

Installation couldn't be any simpler, most of the providers come with a built in modem manager interface, which helps you manage your connections and a wide variety of other miscellaneous settings.

As a business, you will want to be staying up to date with the latest technologies. If you are lagging behind, while your competitors are excelling, then you will ultimately suffer on the whole. With today's advanced connections to the internet, there are no more excuses to having downtime at work or home.

The internet has come along way and it is only set to grow further, with the user generated bubble and all time high, people can now reflect there true voices over the new media age of communication. With this happening it just goes to show you that the internet is, and will be the only dominating force for years to come

Office On the Go: Realtors' Mobile Offices:

Of all the mobile offices out there it seems realtors have the best. That’s because realtors work on the go, especially from their car office, so it is important for them to have everything they need right in the convenience of their car. Most realtors have a car desk in their car office or even a mobile car desk that can be moved from one car to another. This is simply to make work more efficient and easier. Of course, realtors need certain things in their car office that other mobile workers don’t necessarily need. One of the necessities, of course, is a laptop computer. This will keep the realtor up to date on all the information they need to help them sale houses as well as quickly access interest rates and the like. In order to access the Internet a wireless network card is necessary and even a subscription to mobile Internet is useful. When trying to sell house realtors need to catch potential buyers in the moment. That’s what makes having a mobile office so wonderful. The realtor can access the necessary information and in no time share it with the potential buyer. That’s why a mobile printer is also important. The realtor can print out important facts and figures, current interest rates, information on the house, and even information on the neighborhood, city, and more.

Other things realtors need in their car office are plenty copies of all the necessary forms they use. Nobody wants to miss a sale because they forgot one of the necessary forms in the office. So, realtors should check their car office every day to find out what they need to stock up on. Plenty of pens are also necessary, blue or black, to sign agreements, as well as business cards. A well organized realtor will sell more houses and do so more effectively with a mobile office and a car desk. Now, many realtors are still working with a base office and actually lose a lot of time because they must drive back and forth and keep the potential buyer from sealing the deal in the meantime. But, a mobile office will allow realtors to sell more houses because they will catch buyers when they have the impulse to buy rather than giving them time to change their minds. As you can see, a car office is incredibly important to realtors and those who do already are ahead of the game and probably selling more homes!

Natalie Aranda is a freelance writer. Most realtors have a car desk in their car office or even a mobile car deskthat can be moved from one car to another. As you can see, a car office is incredibly important to realtors and those who do already are ahead of the game and probably selling more homes!

Sneak Peek of Intel based BenQ Mobile Internet Device:

watch the video here

get this ebook

Cellular Authentication for Mobile and Internet Services eBook:

Cellular Authentication for Mobile and Internet Services eBook

212 pages | Wiley; 1 edition (November 24, 2008) | ISBN-10: 0470723173 | PDF | 1,5 Mb

Cellular Authentication for Mobile and Internet Services introduces the reader into the field of secure communication for mobile applications, including secure web browsing with a phone or PC, Single Sign-On (SSO), mobile broadcast content protection, secure location services, etc. The book discusses the Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) of the mobile standardization body 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and its American counterpart 3GPP2 in full detail and with all variants. It explains the usage of GAA by various standardization bodies and standardized applications, and also looks at a number of non-standardized ones, such as secure remote login to enterprise environment and card personalization.

Cellular Authentication for Mobile and Internet Services:
* Describes the usage of the generic authentication architecture (GAA) by various standardization bodies and standardized applications, covering mobile broadcast / multicast service security, Single Sign-On, HTTPS (i.e. secure web browsing), secure data access, secure location services, etc
* Provides guidance on how to integrate the generic authentication into existing and future terminals, networks and applications
* Explains the functionality of the application security in general as well as on application developer level
* Describes various business scenarios and related security solutions, and covers secure application implementation and integration
* Brings together essential information (currently scattered across different standardization bodies) on standards in one comprehensive volume

This excellent all-in-one reference will provide system and protocol designers, application developers, senior software project managers, telecommunication managers and ISP managers with a sound introduction into the field of secure communication for mobile applications. System integrators, advanced students, Ph.D. candidates, and professors of computer science or telecommunications will also find this text very useful.

Download Free Cellular Authentication for Mobile and Internet Services

Author: Yu-Kwong Ricky Kwok and Vincent K.N. Lau

Hardcover: 731 pages

Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press (September 4, 2007)

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0471679682
ISBN-13: 978-0471679684
Format: pdf
This book describes the technologies involved in all aspects of a large networking system and how the various devices can interact and communicate with each other. Using a bottom up approach the authors demonstrate how it is feasible, for instance, for a cellular device user to communicate, via the all-purpose TCP/IP protocols, with a wireless notebook computer user, traversing all the way through a base station in a cellular wireless network (e.g., GSM, CDMA), a public switched network (PSTN), the Internet, an intranet, a local area network (LAN), and a wireless LAN access point. The information bits, in travelling through this long path, are processed by numerous disparate communication technologies. The authors also describe the technologies involved in infrastructure less wireless networks.

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