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Case Wars: Who Offers the Best BlackBerry Case? out of all latest models

Posted By faraaz On 4:10 PM Under , ,
When it comes to BlackBerry cases there are many different choices you can make. Before choosing which case to buy you have to ask yourself this, do I want style or durability? It would seem like most of us want a case that incorporates both of these aspects but is there any case out there that offers this? I chose to break down the three most popular BlackBerry cases the iSkin, Otterbox and Seidio and will narrow down for you who exactly offers the best BlackBerry case.

Otterbox: Durability (10/10) Style (5/10)


Otterbox has been making cases since 1996 and are best known for providing your phone with that extra layer of protection you need. Many would agree that when you buy an Otterbox case you will never have to worry about breaking your phone again. Otterbox makes cases for many different mobile phones but they specialize in the Blackberry. They offer three different series of cases the Impact, Commuter and Defender cases. All three are made to protect your phone against breakage and each version adds a different amount of protection.

Obviously these cases are extremely durable and they were given the highest rating of durability but does all this impact the look? One thing everyone knows about Otterbox cases is that they are bulky and aren't the most stylish. The holster that comes with their cases fits extremely well but isn't the best to look at. So when you buy an Otterbox case you have to determine whether you want durability, which they excel in, versus style, which isn't their best quality.

iSkin: Durability (6/10) Style (10/10)


Somewhat new to the case game, the iSkin focuses on one thing and one thing only, style. If you're in the market for an iSkin then you most likely want to upgrade the look of your BlackBerry. iSkin also offers cases for different kinds of phones and their cases really stand out from all the rest. The iSkin comes in two different styles, the Vibes and the Vibes FX. There isn't much of a difference between each version but the FX offers a unique almost Burberry like designer pattern and a unique mirror film.

You can see why the iSkin scored the highest in the style rating but it is somewhat lacking in durability. Their cases really fit well on your phone and almost offer no bulkiness what so ever. It is almost like each case is actually part of your phone. You may not know this but the iSkin also offers a clear film screen protector that helps protect your screen from scratches. This is certainly an added bonus when you think about the durability aspect but durability is really where this case is lacking. Although it does offer a nice amount of protection, it can't compare to some of the other cases out there.

Seidio: - Winner - Durability (9/10) Style (9/10)


Seidio has perhaps the most popular line of BlackBerry cases on the market. Along with cases they also sell different kinds of accessories for your BlackBerry like the well known Innocell extended battery. Seidio were the ones that revolutionized the soft rubberized texture you see on a lot of cases today. They spend a good amount of time perfecting their cases and it really shows. Seidio also offers cases for many different mobile brands and models. Their feature case is the Innocase series which comes in three different versions, the Surface, 360 and the new Snap series. Each case is designed so you can not only protect your BlackBerry but you can look good while doing it.

When rating Seidio cases it was hard to determine what rating I should give for each category. Durability is strong but so is the style of their cases. Each version comes in different colors and like the iSkin they fit comfortably around your phone. They are also very durable and even though they may not look as padded as the Otterbox they will certainly keep your BlackBerry protected for a long time.

All three of the companies offer some of the best BlackBerry cases around and it was not easy choosing which one I like the best. Some BlackBerry users may care more about durability than style and others may want an equal combination of both. That is exactly what I prefer and that is why I believe Seidio offers the best BlackBerry case.

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