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Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.40 S60 FULL (5800/N95/E71...)

Posted By faraaz On 11:29 AM Under , , , , ,

Tested and reported by members here to be fully working with the following devices (as long as my own 5800)

Instructions to install: (French ones are in the archive):

_Plug your phone and use the mass storage/usb mode (not the PC Suite one !!!).
_Then copy those folders (Garmin,Private,Resource,Sys) from the main archive to the root of your device (E:\).
_Copy them one by one, otherwise you'll get a "Corrupted apps" error.(1)
_Unplug your phone, wait a few seconds and it will tell you that the app wasn't installed, it's normal.

_Go to your phone's app manager and finally install Garmin.
_Run it and get your personnal CardID in Tools->Settings->About.
_Write it down and close Garmin.

_On your computer, run the provided keygen and enter your CardID at the top (Enter your Unit ID here) then generate your unlock code.
_Copy/paste it into notepad and save this file (without any extension!) as "SW.UNL".
_Don't close the keygen and at the bottom in the "Map Product" dropdown field select and enter "378" in the 1st field (FID).
_Copy/paste it into notepad and save this file (without any extension!) as "GMAPSUPP.UNL".

_Now copy those "GMAPSUPP.UNL" and "SW.UNL" files into the Garmin folder of your phone.
_Copy the unlocked map of your choice (GMAPSUPP.IMG) in the same folder (E:\Garmin).
_That's it, off you go! Just remember to turn on only the "Onboard/Phone GPS" in your phone's GPS settings to avoid beeing charged.
_This way, the 1st sat fix might take a little bit longer to get but it works i've installed it on 5 Nokia5800 phones.

(1) -
If you ever get this warning, remove all previous folders and start again, it will work.


Garmin MobileXT v5.00.40 full version:

Unlocked map - UK+Irland:

Unlocked map - Canada:

Unlocked map - France:

Unlocked map - Belgium:

Unlocked map - Switzerland:

Unlocked map - Italy:

Unlocked map - Spain:

Unlocked map - Netherlands:

Unlocked map - Portugal:

Unlocked map - Germany:

More to come.....

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