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How Much of a Beating Can a BlackBerry Take?tell me....

Posted By faraaz On 4:58 PM Under


On a night out along Bourbon St, New Orleans my BlackBerry Bold took a beating. I was taking a photo in a pretty rowdy bar with the Bold raised above my head when someone accidentally whacked it out of my hand and it fell six feet to the ground with solid force.

Naturally I feared the worst, after all I wouldn't want to be thrown to the floor from six how would my Bold hold up?

I found three pieces scattered around the dancing feet; body, backplate and battery. All components accounted for; that's a good start. Hesitantly looking over the body, the screen appeared to be in one spider webbing in evidence. In went the battery and, hey presto, up came the red light followed by the white boot-up screen. A few (long) moments later it was at the boot-up screen. My Bold had survived, huzzah!

So have you seen a BlackBerry take more punishment and survive?

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