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OtterBox Defender Case for BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Posted By faraaz On 4:31 PM Under , , ,


*Note: This case only fits the BlackBerry Curve 8350i.

Okay, this case is going to be widely used, I know that for sure. All you Sprint/Nextel pust to talk people, this is for you. For everyone that has a new BlackBerry Curve 8350i, this is for you. I know that many of you 8350i users are constantly on your phones and constantly putting your device is imminent danger. Well, the solution you have been waiting for is here. Since Nextel doesn't have any pretty devices that are durable, you opted to get a BlackBerry (great choice). With the new OtterBox Defender case for the 8350i, you can now add protection and durability to your device. These cases enable you to have full functionality of your device as well as protecting it in full. Check out our other OtterBox reviews and see if its the right case for you.

Well the semi release of the new Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i has not been long and OtterBox is already on top of it. OtterBox's famous Defender cases are the ultimate protection for your BlackBerry, and I know for many of those on the iDEN network with the 8350i are going to be constantly endangering their phones. Many of you people are always on the go and many times in construction zones where you need the Direct Connect PTT. Well you don't want your brand new BlackBerry Curve 8350i to get beat up, so get an OtterBox! It has 3 layers of protectio; clear plastic over the face of the device, then around that is a high impact polycarbonate shell, with a silicone cover over that. You cannot beat OtterBox.

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