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RIM Working on New Touchscreen BlackBerry with a QWERTY Slider Keyboard

Posted By faraaz On 5:50 PM Under

What Mr. T might look like (not actual image)

We knew it was only a matter of time before we saw the first touchscreen BlackBerry with a QWERTY slider keyboard. With the Storm 2 set to be released in early October rumors of a new type of BlackBerry phone could overshadow the launch. Codenamed "Mr. T" and no that is not a typo, this new model BlackBerry is something we have never seen before from RIM. It will come with a full Storm style touchscreen and a full size QWERTY slider keyboard. If this news doesn't excite you then you're not a true BlackBerry fan.

According to Alejandro Salomon the phone will house the QWERTY keyboard underneath the phone which is different than the popular Sidekick and in my opinion is a better position for a keyboard. It will also include the ON/OFF and SEND/CANCEL buttons on the screen like we see with the new Storm 2. Even though we are still considering this a rumor Salomon insists RIM is already working on this phone and he is always a great source. One thing is for sure if "Mr. T" does turn out to be true it will certainly be huge news for RIM and the BlackBerry brand.

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