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BBScreenShooter v1.65 – Bold and Storm Compatible

Posted By faraaz On 5:07 PM Under , ,


If you are a BlackBerry blogger, you can't live without some type of screen shooter program. For the past few months I have been using the JL_Cmdr and that has been annoying because it doesn't just save the file, it has to open it up and interrupt your screen shot photo shoot. I use to be an avid BBScreenShooter user until I got my first Bold. The issue was, it would crash and most of the time it would not even take the image shot; this happened with my Storm as well.

Well rejoice because BBScreenShooter is back and better than ever! I can finally use my Bold and Storm smoothly with it and take all those much wanted screen shots of themes and apps. This one has a few new things:

  • better Bold and Storm compatibility
  • progress bar (kind of pointless, but it's nice to know it's there)
  • update icon (so I can constantly check to see if there is something new)

Opptronics did a great job with this, and it is still my favortie BB screen imager ever!

Get it here and you will also need Javaloader.exe if you don't have it.

That can be downloaded here

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