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Best Buy to Carry the Blackberry Bold Oct. 26 last

Posted By faraaz On 5:15 PM Under ,

We have some great news for the U.S. finally!! The Bold is near, it is so close everyone is preparing for its arrival. BGR took a little screen shot of an RSS screen at a Best Buy that shows the inventory information about the Bold. if you notice the in stock date shows October 26 2008. This is the same week of the supposed release of the Bold in the U.S. from AT&T. Another observation that I made though(being a former Best Buy employee, forever ago) is that if you look at the status, it says deleted. From what I know about their RSS system, that means that the product in that particular window will not be available. That being said, this does not mean that Best Buy will not carry the Bold because I'm sure they will. It could just be an inventory mistake, such as the wrong sku # or something of that nature. I still have some connections at Best Buy, so I will see what is going on with that asap and get back to you.

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