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BlackBerry Bold is Close?its true

Posted By faraaz On 5:12 PM Under ,

It has been a long journey for the U.S market to recieve the BlackBerry Bold via AT&T. Although the wait is not over, it may be ending soon. AT&T may be prepping their system for the release. This speculation comes in the form of service books. The past few days, all you Bold owners on AT&T may have been recieving new service books. The new books are for Yellow Pages and AT&T Navigation; the new icons should have magically appeared or will appear soon. In my opinion it would seem that the launch is near due to this new evidence, however don't get your hopes up because of everything that has happened with its delayed launch. Let's just all sit back and wait patiently or as patiently as you can squirming around in your bed or chair.

To check your service books, go to your options, Advanced Options, the Service Book, and look for the service book of the image below.

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