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BlackBerry Storm 2 and Curve 2 Release Dates Revealed

Posted By faraaz On 4:46 PM Under , , ,


As we get a little closer to the Fall release season we have some big news regarding the BlackBerry Storm 2 and the BlackBerry Curve 2. BGR was able to get their hands on a release calendar for Verizon Wireless that covers their upcoming phone releases. Right off the bat you'll notice that they anticipate an October release for the Storm 2. This is exciting news because we previously thought November would be the month we saw the Storm 2 in the US. While we still can't officially confirm this is the final release date we can certainly say it sure looks like it.

The BlackBerry Curve 2 has been a hot topic around the community lately and now we have a potential release date to talk about. According to the calendar we could see it no later than a month after the Storm 2 is released. Officially the Curve 2 will be part of the 8500 series, 8530 to be exact. The big news with Verizon's next Curve is it will be Wi-Fi enabled just like the Storm 2. It looks like Verizon will stay away from the numbers and just call it the BlackBerry Curve 2, smart move in my opinion.


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