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Take Your BlackBerry Underwater With the Aquapac Case

Posted By faraaz On 4:39 PM Under , ,


One thing we all love about our BlackBerry phones is that you can take them almost anywhere. Small, powerful and reliable these phones really have no limits and boundaries. There is just one place where taking your BlackBerry could be tricky and that is underwater. This is where the Aquapac BlackBerry case comes in. This one of kind waterproof case will keep your BlackBerry dry and safe while underwater and can go to depths of up to 15 feet. You may be asking yourself why exactly would I take my BlackBerry underwater? Well the first thing that comes to mind is for taking pictures and videos but the Aquapac will also keep it safe while you are at the beach. It is made to protect your phone from splashing water, dirt and sand.

The first thing you'll notice about the Aquapac case is that it can fit any size BlackBerry. In fact it really can be used for many types of gadgets like iPod's or cameras. As with any kind of waterproof case the material plays an important role. The Aquapac is made from strong plastic sheath material and they guarantee the case is 100% waterproof. You really can take it anywhere as it can handle salt water and is UV resistant. Sure keeping your BlackBerry safe from those sudden splashes of water is plus but for me I needed to find out how the case performs underwater.

Before I performed the underwater test I inspected every last inch of the case. As advertised the plastic material is very strong and sure seems like no water could get in. In my mind the most important part of the case is their patented Aquaclip that keeps the top closed. This is very easy to use and all you have to do is flip the clips up and down to open and close the case. The Aquapac also comes with a handy stylus carrying cord so you can easily transport the case to wherever you need to go. To me the best thing about this kind of case is that your BlackBerry can still be used while in it. The plastic material is nice and clear and your screen resolution really doesn't take that much of a hit.

Now that I inspected the case and everything seemed legit it was time for me to take it underwater. I could have done this a couple of ways but I decided it would be best to use the video player on my BlackBerry Tour. This way I could test what videos look like with the Aquapac and at the same test its 100% waterproof guarantee. Most of you already know I love my Tour despite some of the issues it has, so I was somewhat nervous when I took it under. Below is the actual video from the Tour while it's underwater in the Aquapac. Sadly I don't have a pool or live by a Caribbean ocean so I had to just use the kitchen sink. Sure it would've been nice to see this bad boy in action with some crystal blue water but the sink did just fine.

i amhappy to report the Aquapac passed with flying colors and no water got into the case. There is however some slight issues with the Aquaclip that needs to be addressed. As it states in the instructions it is important that you let the case dry before you take the phone out. I did exactly this as a waited about five minutes but I did notice some water got into the cracks of the Aquaclip. This could have been because I didn't wait long enough to take it out but either way I did get a small amount of water on the device when I removed it. Also the plastic around the Aquaclip seemed a little fragile and it is important that you handle your case with care.

All in all the Aquapac case is solid underwater case. As you can see from the video you can still take clear pictures and videos and your video quality won't suffer. Let me just say that the Aquapac certainly lives up to its 100% waterproof guarantee and once the clips are shut there is no way water is getting in.

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