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Full Keyboard in Portrait Mode in Storm OS

Posted By faraaz On 5:30 PM Under , ,


Okay so this is pretty cool for all you Storm owners and especially the ones that came from iPhones. Since I no longer use a Storm, I had to rip this image off of CrackBerry, thanks Kevin. What you see is a full QWERTY keyboard (non-SureType) in portrait mode on the BlackBerry Storm! for all you people that hate SureType, and I know you exist, here is your solution. This new feature is going to be a big hit because iPhone users always wonder why they can't type with a regular keyboard with the phone vertical. Well guys, it's because we have the option in landscape mode, which is more ergonomical.

The only issue I foresee with this feature is that, since the Storm has tactile feedback, the keys are so small that it may hinder fast portrait typing. With SureType the keys are larger so it is easy, but I guess you gotta give them what they want.

If you don't have OS, go get it at the links below and tell us what you think of it. P.S. if you don't know how to upgrade your OS, don't try. If you desperately want it, email me on the contact form and I will guide your through it.

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