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A Detailed Look Inside the BlackBerry Storm 2

Posted By faraaz On 5:28 PM Under ,

While watching the latest video of the BlackBerry Storm 2 in action I couldn't help but get excited about the new touch screen technology being used. A major flaw in the original Storm was the surepress system and the lag that existed. Well it appears that RIM has listened to our criticisms because they have completely revamped the way the touch screen works and its something we have not seen before.

Very rarely do we get to see the inside of BlackBerry before it's released. Of course there are those brave souls that waste not time opening up the insides of a BlackBerry soon after they get it. In this occurrence some lucky fan has done this for us and it's on the upcoming Storm 2 model. One thing you will notice right away is that the old Storm operated with just one button underneath the surface. This means you could touch anywhere on the screen and it would need to trigger the little button in the middle and most of the time you had to press down hard. The iPhone also uses similar technology on their phones.

When you look at the Storm 2 you will notice four different buttons placed on the four corners of the phone. This gives the touch screen the ability to easily pick up your action no matter where you press the screen. Early previews have praised the Storm 2 for its touch screen response which is a huge upgrade over the original storm. Piezoelectricity technology is what this is being compared to and it appears that it exists in the Storm 2.

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