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Will RIM Show a AT&T 8900, BlackBerry Niagara 9630, BES 5.0, and an LTE BlackBerry at WES?how r this devices?

Posted By faraaz On 5:25 PM Under , , , ,


WES 2009 is coming up pretty quick. CTIA in Las Vegas begins tomorrow then WES in May. Some cool rumors came out today thanks to BGR. We do not know if any are true, but it seems reasonable that a few might.

First off, the least exciting is that an AT&T 8900 will be on display. This is the least exciting because we already saw an AT&T 8900 on accident at CES. We know it is coming soon, but I don't feel for you AT&T people because you already have the Bold.

Second on the list is the Niagara 9630. Will it be at WES? Most likely, we have the rumored release in May, which I doubt but at least a showcase for WES.

Next is BES 5.0 it is almost ready now, and it being WES the luanch would be huge there. I think that this is very likely.

Last is an LTE BlackBerry. Hmm, well this isn't a long way off, but I don't know if this will be introduced at WES. I think it may be mentioned if people ask about it, but I think that DevCon is more likely for an actual device in person.

These are just rumors so don't get too excited. What do all of you think about them?

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